Rene Bibaud – Rene is a jump rope artist extraordinaire. She teaches and performs all over the world. If you are ever in Seattle take a lesson or class with her, and if she ever comes to your home town to perform do not miss it!

Z-Health – This is the official website for Z-Health.  Check it out for an in-depth look at the Z-Health system and for more product and workshop information.

Mark Horner – Mark is my Yoga teacher and one of the few Shadow Yoga teachers in the United States. Although his main studio is in Berkeley, CA, he leads retreats and teaches workshops throughout the country.

Liz Koch – has been working as a movement educator for over 27 years, focusing on the iliopsoas. She has written two books, authored many articles and continues to teach both in the U.S. and internationally. I have studied with Liz and her teachings have added a deep dimension to my own understanding of healthy joyful movement.

Beth Pettengill Riley – is a Continuum and Yoga teacher. Continuum is a movement form that brings awareness to all the fluids of your body. Beth has been studying and teaching Continuum since 1978. She offers many different classes and retreats. I’ve always enjoyed Beth’s classes. They have taken my own movement practices to a deeper fluid movement level. If you have never heard of Continuum, I encourage you to check it out.

Gerry Dorrian – I love to travel and when I visit a place, I walk A LOT! I also like to seek out like-minded walking enthusiasts where ever I go. Gerry is a kindred walking spirit! When you’re in Edinburgh, Scotland you simply must let Gerry show you around. You’ll learn history, architecture, and culture while having a great time!

YogaKids® – Started by Marsha Wenig, this is yoga for kids of all ages. Great videos and a fun website filled with creative ideas about how to get kids moving, breathing, stretching, and using all their senses to learn and explore their world. Both Marsha and Don Wenig had already been yoga teachers for many years when they started YK. They are two of the most dedicated and joyful people out there, and their YK mission is one we all benefit from.

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